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Preparing for Outpatient Rehab

When most people think about rehab centers and what they provide, the first thing that comes to mind is usually inpatient settings where the addicts spend all their time in the rehab center and with other patients and the center’s staff. Because of the time spent in that kind of rehab, many people end up not realizing that they should also get prepared when they have chosen to go into outpatient rehab in Philadelphia.

It will obviously make sense that people going into inpatient rehab will need to make at least minimal preparations like letting people know they will be gone and packing clothes to wear while they are in addiction treatment. However, since they will still be sleeping at home and having time out of the house, people often assume that there are not any preparations that are really needed when going into an outpatient rehab center in Philadelphia for addiction services. As you may have guessed by now, that just isn’t the case.


Who to Tell You’re Going to Rehab

Even though you will have free time when going into outpatient care for substance abuse, there are still some people you’ll need to inform about your time in treatment.

One of the more obvious groups that you will need to talk to will be your immediate family, or those who you consider to be your family. This can be a difficult talk to have with your loved ones, but honesty really is the best policy in most situations. It should be apparent, but letting your family and closest friends where you’re going to be and why can help abate a lot of their concerns, especially if you are in a session and you can’t answer your phone – it will help keep them from worrying about you. Furthermore, chances are good that they were already worried about you to begin with, and letting them know that you are seeking substance abuse treatment will go a long way in giving them peace of mind.

Second to your loved ones, you should probably inform your workplace that you are going into rehab. Many employers, especially in PA, will work around your schedule and give you the time and space you need to complete your addiction treatment. Anyway, spending time in rehab – even outpatient rehab – will mean going to sessions during what is likely your normal working hours. Being up front about the addiction, and the fact that you are seeking help for the substance use disorder, is usually the best bet when letting your employer know that you may occasionally miss work.


Rehab in Philadelphia

Other than letting those important to you know that you are considering outpatient rehab, there isn’t much else that needs to be prepared. You won’t have to pack any clothes or toiletries when receiving this kind of care, and you will still be able to spend time with those you love when not specifically in addiction therapies.

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