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Here at Philly Counseling Center, every client’s path to addiction is individual to their needs. However, there are still a collection of standard drug rehab services that nearly everyone who walks through our doors will receive during care. These addiction treatment services are as follows:

Group Therapy

group Counseling at Philly Counseling Center

Group therapy offers Pennsylvania drug treatment clients a space where they can learn addiction recovery skills with others in a similar situation. Clients learn how to embrace and speak about their addiction while receiving support from their peers. Group rehabilitation treatment at Philly Counselling Center is led by a mental health professional who guides the discussion and teaches clients about communication and relapse prevention techniques.

An intended part of group therapy that helps bolster drug rehab treatment is that clients often build friendships during these sessions. In some cases, these relationships continue well after addiction treatment and they often double as one of the best forms of relapse prevention available anywhere.

Family Education

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment helps Pennsylvania familiesAs addiction affects far more than just our clients, we have developed a parallel treatment program that provides clients’ family members a way to cope with the disease as well. In family education, family members will learn how to empathise and communicate with their loved one who is facing an addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Family members who go through this program can also expect to learn more about how addictions are formed, what their loved one is going through, and what they can do to best support the rehab treatment efforts their addicted family member is going through.

Wellness Services

One part of Pennsylvania drug rehab at our facility that many don’t generally expect is our wellness services. Along with getting healthier by going through drug recovery, clients learn how to live a better life altogether through learning about proper nutrition, receiving chiropractic services, and becoming more physically active. These work in conjunction with our PA drug rehab programs by giving clients even more life skills that, when followed, help minimize the chances of relapse while also promoting a longer, healthier life as a whole.

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Individual Counseling

While working within groups help a drug addict understand they’re not alone in their Pennsylvania drug rehab and recovery, personal attention also plays a major role in helping achieve their goals. By having the chance for one-on-one drug treatment therapy, they are able to talk about things that they would otherwise have difficulty bringing up around other people.

Individual counseling sessions used for a variety of reasons, including exploring why the client first started using drugs, discussing who and what triggers the substance abuse, and the best personal plans to achieve long-term sobriety.

What to Expect From Treatment

The level of treatment you or your loved one will receive at Philly Counseling Center depends on a variety of factors, including the substance being abused, length of time the addiction has been in place, family history, and more. Depending on how these and other factors work together, the addiction will need either basic outpatient drug rehab treatment or intensive outpatient care.

Outpatient Drug Rehab

pennsylvania drug rehab after treatmentOutpatient drug rehabilitation at Philly Counseling Center offers treatment designed for those who are stepping down from an inpatient or intensive outpatient program or people who don’t have what could be labeled as a severe addiction to drugs or alcohol. During outpatient care, clients still attend some of the services mentioned above, but they otherwise have free reign to go to work, attend school, or spend Because of this, outpatient drug recovery in Pennsylvania is a good choice for those who have found themselves addicted to drugs or alcohol but still have responsibilities that must be dealt with in their everyday life.

Our outpatient drug treatment in Philadelphia gives a drug addict the tools they need to stay sober during their recovery and as far away from relapse as possible. By sticking to the skills learned in this PA drug rehab program, recovering addicts give themselves a much better chance at lifelong sobriety.

Intensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Program

For those who have severe alcoholism or drug addiction, our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an excellent entry point into PA’s drug recovery community or as a step down from inpatient care. During IOP, clients will find themselves in a Pennsylvania drug rehab program that offers similar intensity to inpatient drug recovery treatment while still being able to go leave the facility and spend free time with loved ones.

During IOP, clients work closely with our staff to learn how to live life again without the need to turn to substance abuse. Those skills are then applied to the limited amount of time clients spend outside of the program where they discover the validity of their time in rehab and their capabilities in resisting drugs and alcohol.

How to Get Started

If you or a loved one needs Pennsylvania alcohol and drug rehabilitation, contact Philly Counseling Center today. We will help you determine the best path to drug rehab in Philadelphia and provide options for your family to consider before making an ultimate decision on what your drug recovery journey will look like.

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Pennsylvania Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment by Philadelphia Counseling