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Benefits Of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For People Who Are Battling Addiction

Cognitive behavioral therapy is a form of counseling that focus on changing destructive thinking patterns into ones that are more positive. Unhealthy thinking patterns usually play a role in addiction. There are several ways that people who are battling an addiction can benefit from going to cognitive behavioral therapy.

Develop More Positive Thinking Patterns

People who constantly think negative thoughts about themselves often feel as though they are helpless. That is why they may turn to drugs and alcohol to cope with their feelings. Positive thinking can change the way that people feel about themselves. People will no longer feel helpless. They will also feel more confident about handling everyday life situations.


Cognitive behavioral therapy does not just take place in the office. Therapists will give people homework before they leave the sessions. The purpose of the homework is to reinforce what people learned during their therapy session. It will also teach people how to manage their destructive thinking patterns when they are outside the therapy room.

Can be Group or Individual Therapy

Cognitive behavioral therapy can take place in a group or individual setting. There are advantages that come along with both options. Some people feel more comfortable in an individual setting because they do not want to share their personal information with others. However, others like the support that they get from other people.

Enhance Self-Esteem

Low self esteem often plays a role in addiction. People who do not like how they feel about themselves may turn to substances in order to cope. Changing the way that you feel about yourself can boost self-esteem. If you no longer have destructive thought patterns, then you will be less likely to engage in destructive behaviors.

Resist Peer Pressure

It can be hard to resist peer pressure. Many people want to fit in with their peers. If they have to do drugs to fit in, then some do not mind doing it. Many people also fear being the odd person out. Cognitive behavioral therapy can teach people ways that they can resist peer pressure and say no to drugs.

Help People Cope With Stress

Stress is one of the reasons that people often relapse after completing addiction treatment. It can be difficult to return to daily life after going through treatment. Drugs and alcohol are just a temporary fix for stress. They will actually worsen stress over time.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can teach you how to cope with stress. It can also teach you how you can adjust to life after your treatment is over.

Cost Effectiveness

Cognitive behavioral therapy is cost-effective. It is conducted on an outpatient basis, and it is a lot cheaper than going to inpatient rehab. There are also some health insurance plans that may cover the cost of treatment.

Gradual Steps

It can be difficult to overcome an addiction. An addiction does not develop overnight. That is why people should not expect to overcome it overnight. Cognitive behavioral therapy will help people take gradual steps.

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