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Detox Centers in PA- Will Insurance Cover Rehab?


Although there are an increasing number of detox centers in PA, the cost of rehab and detox services can still get pretty expensive. While your health is a primary concern, it’s understandable that you need to be able to afford recovery programs. You shouldn’t let cost alone stop you, however, because many insurance companies now cover outpatient rehab services. Some centers will also offer financial support in the way of income-based fee structures or payment plans, so be sure to explore all of your options.

What Does Insurance Cover?

Every insurance policy is different. Check your current health insurance policy for drug and alcohol treatment coverage. If you can’t find any information, you can call your provider and ask them what is covered. They may provide partial or full coverage for rehab treatment, depending on your policy details. Most insurance companies will not pay for luxury rehab centers, of course, because a basic facility is sufficient.

If this is your first time entering an outpatient program at detox centers in PA, your insurance company may be more willing to cover the treatment. Those who have been to treatment before might encounter a little more resistance, but thanks to changing laws, insurers cannot deny coverage for mental health or substance abuse because of pre-existing conditions.

New laws put into place by Congress require insurance providers to cover substance abuse and mental health treatment in the same way they cover healthcare expenses. Basically, that means almost every insurer has to offer some kind of coverage for outpatient detox and rehab programs. However, the extent of that coverage depends on the offerings of the insurance company as well as how much coverage you are willing to pay for.

Other Insurance and Benefits

Veterans can often get their outpatient treatment covered by their VA benefits, regardless of whether they hold any private insurance coverage. Additionally, people who are on Medicaid should check with the Pennsylvania program as well as the federal program to see if they have substance abuse coverage on their benefits.

If you work in a company with a progressive culture, you should also consider checking out their policy on substance abuse treatment. A lot of companies, especially when it comes to valuable employees, will offer to help cover the costs of rehab, provide time off work for treatment or appointments, and offer other support. As the growing awareness of the need for recovery treatment programs continues, more companies with an employee-focused culture will likely get on board with this type of program. Plus, some employers will offer treatment as an alternative to termination for employees whose addictions have become problematic at, or interfered with, their job.

The Bottom Line

You should never assume that you can’t afford outpatient detox centers in PA. Because the program is outpatient in nature, getting insurance to cover it is relatively simple. For those who don’t have insurance or can’t get coverage, other options are available. You should discuss your situation with these centers, too, because they understand that finances shouldn’t keep anyone from getting the detox services and recovery treatment they need.
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